"The poetry Project"


Dani Leshgold partnered with Meghan Marshall in creative collaboration to turn some of her poems into artistic short films. Titled "The Poetry Project", these short films serve to enhance the message and meaning of each poem. If you are interested in seeing more of Meghan Marshall's photography and videography, you can find it on http://meghanmarshallphotography.22slides.com/.



we drink summer in champagne flutes. mine will shatter on marble in the foyer. hours will lay on the thick of our tongues while the women in black shriek. cheers, you whisper. a bed of grenades. the woman in white throws a bouquet of knives to the girls with open hearts. roses. the devil’s eyes. mercury. my kiss lives on the brim of summer in a glass.



Do you feel the hourglasses in your wrists?

Or the urge to cut them out?

I wonder if anyone thinks about time as much as I do. How it’s the most wretched villain of all.

Time consumes us, keeps us in straitjackets and tells the young,

“you are untouchable.”

We think we’re untouchable,

but we’re not. 

Because, sooner or later, time takes off that mask and reveals

that it is not in fact the bulletproof glass we thought it was,

but plastic. Disposable, flimsy plastic.

This is why I have made the executive decision to enjoy every single moment

of this existence.


I will miss being woken up on Saturday mornings

by the loudness of my mother’s voice from all the way downstairs,

but I know that one day my fear will be behind a glass case,

an artifact that will be untouched.

So long as I’m open to being alive.



i used to be magenta

fuchsia coiled around a maroon heart

but with clouds overhead, i shoved silence down my throat and became irreversibly blue

now magenta hands creep around my neck and suffocate me

mocking the color of my heart

and the shade it used to be.

now magenta is only in my dreams

a foreign concept

that i struggle to grasp

and my fingers slip off the edge